EU Legislation about the forests and forests related policies

EU forests and forest related policies

"Forests play a key role in protecting European ecosystems and biodiversity. They are also central in trapping carbon which would otherwise be released in the atmosphere and thus aggravating climate change. The serious impacts of fires on forests have led decision makers to recognise that prevention at European level is one of the most efficient ways to face these threats. The European Union has brought in a series of measures to support forests and forestry. Various Directorates-General (DGs) at the European Commission are involved in the development and monitoring of measures in the field of information, prevention, fire fighting and restoration of burned surfaces" (see Legislation on protecting the EU's forests against fire can be found under the following  link:

Bulgarian Legislation about the forests

Bulgarian Forest Law

The Bulgarian Forest Law regulates public relations related to the conservation,management and use of forest areas in the Republic of Bulgaria in order to ensure multifunctional and sustainable management of forest ecosystems. The objectives of the law are: conservation and increase of the forest area; maintenance and improvement of forests; ensuring and maintaining ecosystem, social and economic functions of forest areas; guarantee and increase the production of wood and non-wood forest products through environmentally sound forest management; maintaining biodiversity and landscape diversity and improvement of the state of the populations of wild flora, fauna and fauna species; providing opportunities for recreation of the population and improvement of conditions for recreation; striking a balance between the interests of the public and the owners of the forest territories; assistance and promotion of landowners in forest areas territories; implementation of international and European storage commitments forest habitats.

The Bulgarian Forest Law can be downloaded from the web site of the Bulgarian Executive Forest Agency

The Bulgarian Forest Law can be also downloaded from the web site of the Ministry of the Interior / General Directorate for Fire Safety and Protection of the Populationдокументи-от-дирекцията/нормативна-уредба/закони/закон-за-горите.doc?sfvrsn=f8ec4758_2.

Ministry of the Interior
General Directorate "Fire Safety and Protection of the Population"дирекцията/нормативна-уредба/default


One of the main results of the ASPires project will be preparation of the regulation guidelines and proposals for standard and local legislation adaptation towards the capability of the new technologies for forest fire prevention and information and communication technologies to be usefully applied at local, regional and European level.

Coordination with local legislation and European level standards will continue throughout the life of the system.