Partnership and project team


The partnership is formed between: Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Hesse, Germany as coordinator with support of the Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski” Skopje, InterConsult Bulgaria Ltd., Comicon Ltd., and National Cluster for Intelligent Transport and Energy Systems (NCITES) in Sofia/Bulgaria as beneficiaries and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Crisis Management Center in fYR of Macedonia, National park Mavrovo, National park Pelister, Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, and German Bundesministerium des Innern, as end-users. All of the aforementioned educational and scientific-research institutions are respected leaders in specific scientific fields, and the knowledge they offer in those fields is going to be suitably applied in the realization of this project.

The roles and responsibilities of each beneficiary (partner) and the coordinator are implied and can be understood more easily if we turn to the actions meant for each partner. However, we have in mind that effective and efficient realization of tasks and actions should be done jointly. For example, the first (Management and Reporting to the Commission) and second (Publicity) task are going to call for the involvement of the coordinator and all beneficiaries. To ensure the cooperation and proper realization of these and other complex tasks, a Steering Committee (SC) will be established and coordinated by the coordinator.

The Steering Committee will be composed of one representative from the coordinator, from all beneficiaries of the project, and the Project Manager. The SC will guarantee the overall project coordination between tasks, and moreover, it will evaluate the deliverables before final submission to the Commission.

Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany is creating communication protocols between the users that form the Crisis Management System responsible for development and testing of new algorithms for detecting forest fires and transfer of data to a central database of developed, tested and integrated advanced systems for prevention and early detection of forest fires, in cooperation with Comicon Ltd., Bulgaria. Fulda University of Applied Sciences is responsible for developing delay-tolerant network solutions and gossip protocols for hop-by-hop spreading of urgent sensor data (fire alarms).

Military Academy – Skopje is responsible for: conducting comparative analysis with other models of information systems for detection and monitoring forest fires, conducting comparative analyzes of occurred forest fires fYR of Macedonia, MOCK-UP development for existing CMIS (MKFFIS), installation of set of cameras detectors and mobile devices (like drone) available on the market with a large optical range of monitoring forest fires in areas of particular importance in cooperation with CMC, national parks and other beneficiaries; system design of advanced systems for prevention and early detection of forest fires, performing research, testing and measurements of the detectors and sensors in the area of implementation to see the degree of efficiency and effectiveness of systems in detecting and monitoring of different types of forest fires; research of existing interfaces for forest fires (prediction and behaviour), and algorithm development for early detection of forest fires, based on artificial intelligence (machine learning classifiers).

InterConsult Bulgaria Ltd. is developing cloud computing software and services that will allow better integration of the systems for fire detection and prevention at European level. Furthermore, the virtualization of the fire prevention solutions could be developed further on the cloud level. The company is responsible for data modeling, system integration, system testing, and validation.

Comicon Ltd. is specifying and simulating sensor, drone, fixed and mobile network solutions based on ZigBee protocol and apply controller/gateways for data gathering and acquisition to the cloud, simulation of the network as well as data models at different scales aiming better verification and consistency validation.

National Cluster for Intelligent Transport and Energy Systems (NCITES) in Sofia/Bulgaria will develop and test a multi sensor module consisting: thermo graphic camera, HD CCD/CMOS camera, Pan/Tilt device, laser pointer, meteorology station and intelligent software for fire detection. The solution can be extended with drones.

The NCITES will be also responsible for the dissemination of the entire project solution.