ASPires project. Experiments in former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Experiments from the Military Academy Team, Skopje, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, using the equipment of the ASPires project

    A series of experiments including different sets of parameters and varying conditions were conducted by the Military Academy ASPires team with the support of 10 employees from the Armed Forces on the 5th  and 17th of October 2018 in the Military Academy, Skopje, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

By simulation of fire during different time periods in the day, under different weather conditions and other accompanying parameters, facilitated and secured by firefighting mechanisms provided by Armed Forces employees, the Military Academy, Skopje team has been able to generate significant body of data relevant for the successful implementation of the ASPires project.

The experiments have resulted with sets of data that are currently being processed and used for theoretical and practical assessment of the hypotheses made earlier by the research team, leading up to invaluable conclusions and guidelines for the on-site functionality of the ASPires system on the territory of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia , the partners in the ASPires project and beyond. 

Further testing and experiments have also been envisioned upon the installation of the equipment to reflect the actual environment of the national parks where the equipment will be used. This experiments will facilitate factoring in all relevant elements, such as vegetation typical for the area, different physical obstacles, weather conditions, etc. 


ASPires Project. Introduction. Workshop in Bansko, Bulgaria

On November 9, 2018 in the town of Bansko, Bulgaria the third specialized seminar for the end users of the project ASPires was held.

The purpose of the seminar was to disclose the results achieved by the project.
This workshop demonstrated the work of the ASPires platform live. Live demonstrations were organized with the invaluable assistance of the Bulgarian National Emergency Management Authority, the Fire Safety and Civil Protection Chief Directorate, the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria.
In the area  "Chalin Valog" in the vicinity of the town of Bansko on the part of COMICON special sensors were installed, related to the early detection of signs of forest fire.
The ASPires-GEO module, designed for the early detection of forest fires by using an infrared camera and additional hardware and software equipment, was installed on the part of NCITES.
On the part of the fire command, a forest fire was simulated by firing balled straw.
Within a few seconds the fire was recognized by the installed equipment.
The alarms that were triggered were automatically sent via SMS to the mobile phone numbers provided by the attendees. The experiment showed that the basic concepts underlying the ASPires platform are correct.
Information about the ASPires workshop was published in the Specialized electronic magazine for fire safety and protection of the population SOS112, issue 11-18/26.11.2018, page 17-18, language Bulgarian.