Presenting of the new gateway for LoRa and MQTT

Aleksandar Savov, General Manager of Comicon Ltd. is presenting the new gateway for LoRa and MQTT. The product is new and unique on the IoT market aiming to connect long range sensors and a cloud through message queueing telemetry protocol. This promising Internet of Things technology works on drones and could be fixed on walls, towers, trees, roofs, depending on the applications. The range of possible implementations is big starting from forest fire detection, going through environment analysis, home automation, agriculture management, industry automation etc. 

ASPires Project presented at the Career 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria

The event "Career" is organized annually by the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria. 
This forum includes lecturers from the Technical University, students, representative state institutions and business organizations. The purpose of the event is to show the latest achievements of business companies in the technical field and thus to get students a proper understanding of the qualifications they have to acquire.

The event was held from 23rd to 24th October in the territory of the Technical University of Sofia. 

"Careers 2018" was opened by the Rector of the Technical University. Greetings were made by representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Employment Agency, the Chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association and other prominent representatives of the public life in Bulgaria.

NCITES organized a standard stand for presenting of the ASPIRES project achievements. Visitors were provided with  flyers, brochures and ASPires project pens.

The stand was visited by the Rector of the Technical University and the Chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association. The project was presented to the guests by Mr. Boris Popov, Chairman of the Management Board of NCITES. The high-tech nature of the project sparked the attention of the guests.

During these two days many demonstrations of the ASPIRES-GEO module took place with great interest from visitors.