14th annual international CSECS Conference - June 29th to July 2nd 2018

ASPires Project Presentations at CSECS 2018

Early Detection of Forest Fires - Standard Interfaces and Protocols as Sensor Network and Cloud Level Definition 

Presenter: Katerina Zlatanovska, Ministry of Defense, Macedonia (Online)

IOT and Sensor-to-Cloud Implementation Architectures

Presenter: Dr. Rossitza Goleva, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria

LoRa Sensors Implementation in Forest Fire Detection

Presenter: Dr. Rossitza Goleva, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria

End-user Application for Early Forest Fire detection and Prevention

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Peter Peinl, University of Applied Sciences, Fulda, Germany

ASPires Project at RETTmobil, Fulda, Germany, 2018

The exhibition RETTmobil presents products, innovations and services in the rescue sector and enables the general public to participate in workshops, advanced training courses and panel discussions.

The exhibition RETTmobil started in 2001 as the European Leading Exhibition for Rescue and Mobility. It attracts more than 27.000 visitors.

The exhibition RETTmobil is the global forum for innovation, safety, quality, competence and training. This is the first address and indispensable platform for all full-time and honorary rescuers and volunteers from rescue organisations, for their professional and managerial staff, for users from ministries, municipalities and associations. The exhibition focuses on the tradition and progress, achievement and success, for which there is no comparison on the continent. The event is an impulse for the sector and the economy and for all who help and rescue, as well as for those who need help.

The RETTmobil exhibition offers 70,000 square metres of total exhibition space, 19 exhibition halls, extensive outside area, off-road demonstration course, test track for driving safety exercises, workshops and forums, emergency rescue-medical training courses and free visitor parking.

The impressive development, excellent reputation and the huge success of RETTmobil evolving in just 16 years from a national trade show to a top international exhibition rests on three pillars:

  • Exhibition. RETTmobil presents products, innovations and services: products of renowned manufacturers of ambulance and emergency rescue vehicles, as well as renowned exhibitors from the fields of vehicle equipment, emergency medicine, clothing, radio technology, publishers, trade associations, aid associations, fire fighters and armed forces, as well as products from others involved in the sector.

  • Education. An important addition to the extensive information provided by RETTmobil is the professional program with renowned speakers. "From practice - for practice" is the motto of the emergency rescue medical training courses and workshops. The importance of RETTmobil is substantiated by the fact that the heads of the Association of Fire Services in Germany (AGBF Bund) and the Associations of Firefighters in Rescue (AG FReDI) participate in the forums and the exhibition.

  • Mobility. The attractiveness of RETTmobil is essentially determined by the issue of mobility, which can be learned and practised in demonstrations and exercises. An open air off-road park and an integrated test track provides excellent conditions. The interested visitors can impressively experience mobility with the latest vehicles and rescue equipment. The Bundeswehr (the German Army) exhibits a variety of new ambulances on the off-road course.

Messe Fulda GmbH organises and manages RETTmobil.

For the RETTmobil exhibition you can read in detail here.

The workshop was held during the RETTmobil exhibition on the 17th of May 2018. Stakeholders and visitors was briefed about and actively involved in the ASPires project, including demonstrations prepared by the ASPires Fulda team and the project partners. 
Prof. Dr. Peinl presented the ASPires project, dealing with fighting and preventing forest fires. Prof. Dr. Peinl, as representative of University of Applied Sciences Fulda, has presented the current results of the ASPires project.
He was supported by project partners from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria. The workshop participants had the opportunity to learn more about the ASPires project. The topics of sensor, drone and platform applications for fighting and preventing forest fires were presented.
The participants included representatives of the fire brigade of the city and the district of Fulda, representatives from the interior ministries of Hesse, Lower Saxony and Bavaria, representatives of the Hessian Fire Brigade School and participants from industry.

The workshop was also supported by students from the University of Applied Sciences, Fulda. Some of the workshop participants took the opportunity to exchange ideas with the ASPires project partners at a subsequent networking event in Research and Transfer Center of the University of Applied Sciences, Fulda . Important contacts were initiated for the further course of the project.