ASPires is one of the EU projects developing cloud-based early forest fire prevention, detection and monitoring systems and concepts.

Forest fires still present one of the main risks for human, property, climate and environment and its prevention and detection at early phase remains one of the biggest challenge for researchers and institutions in Crisis Management Information Systems (CMISs) worldwide. 

Existing forest fire monitoring systems have the disadvantage of relatively low percentage of detection (between 23.5% - 30%). The ASPires project is creating a novel information and communication cloud platform integrating exiting systems and preparing the area for new virtualized services and models for fire danger forecast and prediction, alerting, fire management, reporting and analysis.

ASPires platform integrates sensor networks, mobile, drone technologies, cloud computing, big data analysis and artificial intelligence while collecting data at existing CMISs.

The mobile and drone solutions allow covering large areas and raising the percentage of forest fire detection in places of importance.

Proposed technological solutions monitor areas with high Fire Weather Index (FWI), affected by forest fires, hot spots, varying FWI and estimates the probability of forest fires.

ASPires platform is interoperable and open for integration with existing European CMISs at regional, national and international level.

ASPires platform offers opportunity to develop and customise different methodologies and scenarios for initial stage warning, localization and organization of the fire fighting teams and tactics to suppress the disaster.

The vitality of the platform is proven via experiments in National park Mavrovo, fYR of Macedonia, in Park Pirin in Bulgaria, laboratory tests at University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, Germany.

All experiments are supported by the listed end-users.