ASPires workshop in Berovo, Macedonia, November 2017

The first of a total five planned workshops will start on the seventh of November this year. Our first host is Macedonia. The Workshop takes place in Berovo, small town near Maleševo Mountains. The preparation for the workshop is organized by the Military Academy "General Mihailo Apostolski". The workshop is designed for the end-users.

Workshops are essential knowledge dissemination means.
Consortium partners will use workshops to discuss, present and deliberate project related matters and findings.
These workshops will be used to solicit expert feedback on development, test and integration of advanced systems for prevention and early detection of forest fires, on deliverables and regulation guidelines and to enable beneficiaries to interact with one another.
Most of the workshops are planned for the second project year.

In the ASPires Project are planned workshops in fYR of Macedonia, Brussels, Germany, Bulgaria.

Workshops are especially planned for the end-users and are considered critical milestones in the project.

Deliverable date:

  • 11.2017 - Macedonia
  • 02.2018 - Germany
  • 07.2018 - Sofia 
  • 11.2018 - Macedonia 
  • 03.2019 - Brussels