8th International conference on emerging ubiquitous systems and pervasive networks (EUSPN) in Lund, Sweden


The EUSPN-2017 took place in Sweden, Lund between 18 and 20 of September 2017.

The 8th International Conference on Emerging Ubiquitous Systems and Pervasive Networks (EUSPN-2017) is a leading international conference for researchers and industry practitioners to share their new ideas, original research results and practical development experiences from all Ubiquitous Systems and Pervasive Networks related areas.

The paper presented in the conference is a part of our research in Project ASPires. It presents a performance analysis of the end-to-end sensor-to-cloud personal living platform. ( download )

The analysis is based on a typical architecture starting from a single sensor and actuator and continuing to the virtualized services at smart dust, dew, fog and cloud level.

The system is diverse and allows interconnection of different sensors/ actuators technologies directly or throughout gateways.

The experiments in a living lab presented use energy harvesters and ZigBee PRO sensors. The results from sensor network are applicable for non-real-time and non-critical data connection.

For critical and non-critical measurements that need to be supported in a typical living environment there is a necessity to use different priorities of the services and different sensors as well. 

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