Task B. Publicity


The dissemination and promotion of the project's activities and results are mainly organized through the project web site.

Our distribution strategy includes:

1. Build and maintain a project website. The web site contain project documents, press releases, project brochures, conference presentations, news links, and articles mentioning the ASPires project.

2.Professional communications - e-mail and telephone. One of the main means of getting interested parties to get information about the ASPires project is via e-mail.

3. Poster, flyers and brochures containing project information are being developed within the project.

4. Bulletin. Every six months (at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months), a bulletin is produced on the main results achieved and on the activities carried out.

5. Publications. Project partners prepare and publish official reports and scientific papers in open access journals to promote results from ASPires project.

6. Policy reports. Key results and recommendations addressed to scientific and professional associations. The policy papers are disseminated in electronic form on the project website.

7. Media communications and press releases. As part of its distribution strategy, the consortium prepares media- and press releases.

Task B. Results


D.B.1. Project web site establishing, document management portal

Deliverable date: 07.2017

D.B.2. Project dissemination material, flyers and brochures design and publishing

Deliverable date: 07.2017

D.B.3. Dissemination events. 5 (five) workshops, two in fYR of Macedonia, one in Brussels, one in Germany, one in Bulgaria

Dissemination events are especially planned for the end-users and are considered critical milestones in the project.

Deliverable date: 05.2017, 11.2017, 04.2018, 08.2018, 01.2019

D.B.4. Papers with project results are disseminated in advocating and networking events

Deliverable date: 05.2017-04.2019

D.B.5. Dissemination and exploitation plan

Deliverable date: 07.2017