Task E. System implementation and integration. Summary


The task E. System implementation and integration is to make more detailed specification, design and experimental tests close to the end-user environment. One of the developed and specified concepts in task C will be selected and further analysed in details as data models, technical solutions for access and core networks, technical solutions for forest fire detection devices and partial performance analyses will be done to demonstrate the applicability of the proposed system.  

Task E. Results


D.E.1. New algorithms connected to market available sensors for detecting forest fires and transfer of data to a central database experimental development

This report consists of algorithms for forest fire monitoring and prevention.

Deliverable date: 09.2018

D.E.2. Model for transferring data to a central database selection

The deliverable demonstrates mapping between forest fire monitoring algorithms, access network for data collection and data collection in the central databases.

Deliverable date: 12.2018

D.E.3. Data-bases for supporting the upgraded and extended MKFIS experimental development

This report demonstrates possible solution specified for the end-user in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Deliverable date: 12.2018

D.E.4. Appropriate set of cameras and detectors for monitoring forest fires in areas of particular importance installation

This report is intended to show the set of end-devices that could be used in forest fire monitoring and prevention.

Deliverable date: 01.2019

D.E.5. Partial proof of man-machine platform is conceptually implemented and s integrated

The deliverable is a report from partial CMIS implementation at the end-user.

Deliverable date: 01.2019