Task F. System testing. Summary


The task F. System testing aim in testing the concepts of integrated advanced systems for prevention and early detection of forest fires in existing CMIS and definition in steps of possible interconnections to the Crisis Management System other EU countries.

Task F. Results


D.F.1. System tests through simulation. Plan and scenarios

This report consists of stakeholder, scenarios, use-cases necessary for CMIS testing, verification and validation. Special attention will be paid to the experiment planning through simulations.

Deliverable date: 06.2018 

D.F.2. System verification and validation through simulations  

The results from selected conceptual tests using simulation models at different scale are presented in order to prove partially the vitality of the designed CMIS.

Deliverable date: 02.2019

D.F.3. Report from research for degree of efficiency and effectiveness of cameras and detectors in detecting forest fires in areas of particular importance.

The report contains experimental results from trials with sensors and mobile devices for forest fire monitoring and prevention. 

Deliverable date: 12.2018