The ASPires seminar was held from the 20 to 22 March 2019 at Best Western Hotel in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia.
Guests of the seminar from North Macedonia were Ministery of Defence, Military Academy, Army Forces, representatives from the national parks in North Macedonia, Mavrovo and Pelister, the Directorate for protection and rescue, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy,  the Crisis Management Center, Public Enterprise North Macedonian Forests, Ministy of Enviroment and Physical Planning. Guests from Kosovo were representatives
from  Emergency Management Agency, Climate Change and Environment issues and Weather Forecaster in Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo. The delegation from Bulgaria is led by engineer Dimitar Klecherov, director of the fire department in Bansko, Bulgaria.

The seminar was attended by state television and local medias.



Presentation of a ASPires Project

by Prof. Dr. Peter Peinl

Advanced Open IoT Platform

by Mag. Ivelin Andreev, ICB, Bulgaria

End-user Application for Forest Fire Detection and Prevention

by Peter PEINL, Micha HEIDERICH, Ivan CHISTOV, Jugoslav ACKOSKI, Nikola KLETNIKOV, Igorche KARAFILOVSKI, Nikola MANEV, Rossy GOLEVA, Alexander SAVOV, Ivelin ANDREEV

ASPires-GEO. Observation with cameras

by Mag. Plamen Kirov, NCITES, Bulgaria


The opening of the seminar began at 09:00 local time. It was attended by representatives of all project partners:

- The Military Academy - Skopje (organizer of the seminar) by the Dean of the Military Academy "Mihail Apostolski", Prof. Dr. Orche Popovski, Mr. Nikola Kletnikov - Member of Sreering Committee, Dr. Jugoslav Achovski - Head of Evaluation Board, Mr. Igorche Karamfilovski and others.
- The University of applied science, Fulda, Germany by Prof. Dr. Peter Peinl - Project coordinator.
- The company Comicon by its manager Mr. Alexander Savov and Dr. Rossitsa Goleva - technical manager of the ASPires project. The company ICB by Mag. Ivelin Andreev. 
- The cluster NCITES by Mag. Plamen Kirov.

After the brief opening, Prof. Dr. Peter Peinl talked about the overall solution developed by the ASPires project.
Speeches on the subject were made by Radmila Shekerinska, Defense Minister of North Macedonia and Prof. Dr. Orche Popovski, Dean of the "Military Academy", Skopje.

After the presentations, a discussion was held with the ASPires project guests about ideas and views for preventing forest fires.