Management structure

  1. Coordinator of the project
  2. Managers of the project in each beneficiary
  3. Project Financial Manager
  4. Steering committee
  5. Evaluation board
  6. Technical committee



Definition of roles and responsibilities

Coordinator of the project is Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Hesse, Germany and he is leading the Steering committee and responsible for signing of all documents of the project that need to be submitted to European Commission and is the only representative of the project in front of the European Commission.

Steering committee is the body that  approve all project document, decisions, reports and acceptance of every step of the project. Participants in Steering committee are representatives of coordinator and all beneficiaries of the project, who have mandate to take decision. The Committee  guarantees the overall project coordination between tasks, and moreover, it  evaluates the deliverables before final submission to the Commission.

Managers of the project are responsible for the following activities: managing and leading the project team in the each beneficiary engaged in project, detailed project planning and control on beneficiary level including developing and maintaining a detailed project plan, managing project deliverables in line with the project plan, recording and managing project issues, resolving cross-functional issues at project level, managing project scope, change control, escalating issues where necessary, monitoring project progress and performance, providing status reports to the Manager of the project and managing project evaluation and dissemination activities in the beneficiary.

Project Financial Manager  is appointed in management team and each beneficiary will indicate a financial point of contact (FPC). FPM will support each beneficiary partner and their FPC for the financial reporting to the Commission. Financial Manager in coordination with financial point of contact from each beneficiary is responsible for respecting of European and national legislation in preparing all financial documents, preparing financial report and its submission to Steering committee after approval from the Coordinator of the project and to submit to the European Commission.  

Evaluation board takes care of the quality and completeness of the deliverables. The Evaluation board guarantees the integrity of the documents, their readability and style.

Technical committee is the advisory body which take technical proposals to manage the project. Participants will be representatives with technical knowledge and experience from the coordinator and all beneficiaries of the project.